Downflow Workstation

Compact and Open Design

FE-WS6 Downflow Workstation


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The workstation’s open design allows for close inspection of samples while maintaining a high level of operator protection. Particles or fumes are drawn downward through the stainless steel work surface and contaminants are removed by a series of filters. After the fumes or particulates are filtered, clean air is returned to the room.


  • Lightweight durable aluminum frame
  • Corrosion resistant powder-coated exterior
  • Stainless steel work surface
  • Internal fluorescent light
  • Automatic filter monitoring and alarm
  • HEPA or carbon filtration


Laboratory air is pulled into the removable stainless steel work surface at ″A″ and then contaminated air passes through an electrostatic pre-filter at ″B″ before entering into the main filtration zone at ″C″.

Clean, contaminant free air is released back into the laboratory space at ″D″.

Note: Filtration zone at ″C″ can be configured to handle either particulate [HEPA] or gases [carbon] depending on the application requirements.

how Downflow Workstations work


External Dimensions 24" W x 28" H x 32" D
Electrical 120V / 60Hz / or 230V / 50Hz
Lighting (1) 15 watt fluorescent bulb
Fan Centrifugal and sparkless