Equipment Add-Ons

Mystaire products offer the highest levels of operator safety to ensure protection from fumes, odors, and particulates.

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Mobile Carts

For added mobility and flexibility Mystaire offers a complete line of companion mobile carts for select products. The mobile carts are epoxy coated steel with locking casters.


Polypropylene Sinks

Polypropylene is an ideal material for minimizing corrosion problems due to it’s excellent chemical resistance. Polypropylene molded sinks are light weight and easy to install. A variety of standard sizes are available.

starter kit

Evidence Drying Cabinet Starter Kit

The Starter Kit contains: 1 bottle Solucide, 10 plastic shirt hangers, 4 clip style plastic hangers, 1 pack trace evidence pre-filters, 1 small sponge, 1 large sponge

waste pump

Waste Pump

Modular waste removal pump with timed shut-off for SecureDry evidence drying cabinets


Fixtures & faucets

Fixtures and faucets are available on Isola EDGE Filtered Workstations. They are installed and color coordinated on each post. All services are pre-plumbed and wired for easy installation.

pass through ports

Pass-Through Ports

Slip hatch utility access port designed primarily for power cord removal from a ductless fume hood



Solucide is an EPA registered hard surface cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer. Solucide is a broad-spectrum disinfectant spray that is effective in the presence of organic soil. Solucide contains no alcohol or glutaraldehyde and has a fresh lemon scent.

UV light

UV Light Kit

SecureDry evidence drying cabinets can be fitted with a timer-activated short wave ultraviolet light sterilization kit. This sterilization method is effective in denaturing potentially live cells remaining in the chamber after use. The short wave UV light irradiates the interior of the chamber prior to placing the new evidence into SecureDry, resulting in minimized cross contamination potential.

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