Advanced Forensic Workstation

Process Evidence While Minimizing Exposure

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Advanced Forensic Workstation Mystaire Filters Advanced Forensic Workstation
Advanced Forensic Workstation
Mystaire Filters
Advanced Forensic Workstation

The FE-36 was the first system designed specifically for the development of latent fingerprints with both powders or ninhydrin. Worker safety is the number one priority and the FE‑36 is highly effective at reducing the potential for exposure to common forensic chemicals. The front opening is 10" and the internal blower creates a constant horizontal flow of air. A combination of pre-filtration and gas phase filtration captures contaminants before returning clean, filtered air to the workplace.

Voltage Options
110v or 220v
Available Width
Equipment Add-Ons

Heavy Duty Stand

Mobile Cart

Base Cabinet

Pass-Through Ports

Polypropylene Sink

Fixtures and Faucets

Features of the Advanced Forensic Workstation

  • Clear view sides and top for natural light and good observation
  • Horizontal airflow pattern for superior containment of fine particulate and vapor
  • Optional removable tray for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Powder-coated steel chassis construction
  • Hanging rod and clips to process document evidence
  • HEPA filter alarm
  • No ductwork required - installs in minutes
  • Ships fully assembled

A. Laboratory air enters the workstation

B. Room air is used to capture airborne contaminants before being pulled into the filter

C. Contaminated air is pulled into the filtration bed for removal of powders and particulate prior to exiting the workstation

D. Contaminant-free clean air is recirculated into the room

Advanced Forensic Workstation

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