Evidence Drying Cabinets

Maintain the Chain of Custody and Protect Your Evidence with Mystaire® Evidence Drying Cabinets

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Dry wet evidence with Mystaire® evidence drying cabinets

Mystaire® was the first company to design, develop and market the forensic evidence drying cabinet. This drying cabinet was designed to protect ″wet″ evidence from potential cross contamination and to provide an effective barrier in preventing officer exposure to harmful blood-borne pathogens as well as putrid odors. Mystaire® evidence drying cabinets perform a critical role within the chain of custom for law enforcement professional worldwide.

Mystaire® offers both ductless and ducted evidence drying cabinets to meet the demands of your facility. Drying crime scene evidence with Mystaire® evidence drying cabinets will keep your occupational exposure to potentially harmful biological material to a minimum.

Mystaire® - Protecting the evidence and law enforcement professional from both the known and unknown.