MY-ISO5 Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation

High degree of dedicated control for critical processes.

MY-ISO5 Vertical Laminar Flow


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The MY-ISO5 Series of Laminar Flow Cabinets provide an ISO 5 sterile environment for the handling of sensitive materials.

The work area is continuously bathed with ISO 5 HEPA-filtered air to protect the product or application from airborne contamination. These workstations are constructed of high quality, thermal plastics to provide for ease of cleaning and maintenance. The main chamber is constructed of polycarbonate and the base is high density polypropylene. A major advantage of polypropylene is the fact that it is non-hydroscopic, non-stick and does not breakdown when exposed to harsh hard-surface disinfectants.

MY-ISO5 Vertical Laminar Flow


Mystaire's MY-ISO5 Vertical Laminar Flow workstations provide an ultra-clean working environment and are available in three standard widths of 24, 32 and 48 inches.

For applications or apparatus that have added height requirements the MY-ISO5 series of vertical laminar flow workstation are available in a tall version. The taller versions are ideal for enclosing encapsulation machines used in compounding pharmacy applications.

The MY-ISO5 Series of Vertical Laminar Flow Workstations are easy to operate. The full closure sash is equipped with a position indicator switch that automatically turns the workstations blower and fluorescent light on when raised.

Unlike other workstations, a major advantage of the Mystaire MY-ISO5 workstation is having a full-closure sash; when not in use the chamber is sealed to eliminate the potential of airborne contaminates from entering the fume hood.

MY-ISO5 Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation Features

Two stage filtration- pre-filter and HEPA filter

Polypropylene base

Compact and lightweight design- "personal" ISO 5 cleanroom

Clear polycarbonate main chamber construction

Automatic operation of blower and fluorescent light when sash is raised or lowered

How does the MY-ISO5 Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation work?


Room air enters and is cleaned via electrostatic pre-filtration


Air then moves downward through the HEPA filter.


Clean vertical laminar flow air enters the chamber.


Clean air is recirculated into the room.

How the MY-ISO5 Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation works

Typical Applications

Computer Hard Drive Repair and Assembly

DNA Amplification

Optics assembly: Laser, camera, optical, etc

Pharmaceutical Compounding

Brewing Science: Culturing Beer Yeast

Preparation of Agar Plates

PCB Assembly

Plant Tissue Culture

IV Preparation