PCR Workstations

PCR Workstations are bench-top personal clean zones allowing process protection from airborne contaminants.

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Mystaire® offers an extensive line of enclosures and workstations designed for PCR molecular biology experimentation. Depending on the desired level of sample protection, the Mystaire® MY‑PCR prep station or MY‑DB CleanPrep™ workstation will provide you with the added level of sample integrity desired.

The MY‑PCR prep station is a compact vertical laminar flow workstation that reduces the risk of sample contamination while performing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) experiments. Airborne contaminants are prevented from entering into the work zone through constant positive pressure HEPA filtered air.

The MY‑DB CleanPrep™ enclosures are circulation free (dead air boxes) that offer a confined area for the amplification of RNA/DNA. Full closure sash with integral safety switch prevents operator exposure to potentially harmful UV energy.

All Mystaire® PCR workstations are equipped with a built-in 254 nanometer shortwave lamp to effectively decontaminate the work area between amplifications. Safety interlocks are included on all PCR workstations and enclosures to prevent operator exposure to potentially harmful UV radiation.

Mystaire® PCR prep workstations are bench-top personal clean zones allowing the operator to amplify RNA and DNA while minimizing the potential for background from airborne contaminants.

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