Isola® EDGE Filtered Workstation

The look and feel of a traditional hood -only with filtration

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Isola EDGE Isola EDGE EverSafe Controller
Isola EDGE
Isola EDGE
EverSafe controller

Isola EDGE Filtered Chemical Workstation was designed and engineered to provide the end user with superior filtration while offering the same conveniences found on traditional laboratory hoods. The main chamber is dual-wall thermally-fused solid polypropylene allowing the installation of common laboratory fixtures and electrical outlets, if needed.

The main chamber, made from structural polypropylene, offers superior chemical resistance while the contoured entry foil provides both spill containment and smooth airflow dynamics. The angled and rolled entry design of the Isola EDGE promotes a smooth, turbulent-free work area which reduces eddy currents that affect containment.

Voltage Options
110v or 220v
Multiple Widths Available
Equipment Add-Ons

Heavy Duty Stand

Mobile Cart

Base Cabinet

Pass-Through Ports

Polypropylene Sink

Fixtures and Faucets

Features of the Isola EDGE

  • EverSafe™ III TOUCH touch screen controller constantly monitors fume hood performance with audible and visible alarms
  • Vividly displayed status of face velocity in linear feet per minute or meters per second
  • 18-Icon display for simple touch control of hood features and functions
  • LED lighting for true illumination of the entire work area
  • Solid-state gas detection with three sensitivity set points
  • Conforms to UL, CSA and CE electrical requirements
  • Integral polypropylene spill basin with rolled foil entry
  • Built-in filter and application validation
  • Optional installation of gas, water, electrical fixtures and/or polypropylene sink

1. Laboratory room air enters into Isola

2. The contaminants are mixed with laboratory air

3. Contaminated air is filtered through either gas phase carbon filtration or mechanical filtration

4. Air is constantly monitored for filter breakthrough as well as temperature and humidity

5. Air passes through the safety filtration zone before returning to the laboratory

Isola airflow diagram

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