LabPartner Ductless Workstation

Versatile and Portable Containment

LabPartner Workstation LabPartner Workstation Mystaire Filtration

LabPartner Workstation
LabPartner Workstation
Mystaire Filters

The LabPartner Workstations are compact, ductless solutions for capturing fumes and particulate during routine laboratory analysis. This lightweight model is constructed from durable construction material that provides excellent durability in typical laboratory environments. The clear base section is constructed from 1/4" polycarbonate with a hinged front sash. This basic workstation is ideal for low volume applications or powder and particulate manipulation.

LabPartner is equipped with an adjustable air speed controller. Face velocity can be adjusted from 30-120 fpm. This feature allows the operator to control face velocity depending on the type of sample being manipulated within the workstation. The LabPartner Workstation can be placed directly over laboratory sinks to provide vapor control during laboratory glassware washing.

Voltage Options
110v or 220v
Available Width
Equipment Add-Ons

Heavy Duty Stand

Mobile Cart

Base Cabinet

Pass-Through Ports

Polypropylene Sink

Fixtures and Faucets

Features of the LabPartner Workstation

  • User-controlled variable air volume, 30-120 fpm
  • Full access sash opening
  • 360° clear construction for optimal visibility
  • Vapor proof fluorescent light standard on 24 & 48 inch models
  • Removable polypropylene spill tray
  • Optional vanometer airflow monitor

A. Laboratory room air enters

B. The contaminants are mixed with laboratory air

C. Contaminated air is filtered through the safety filtration zone

D. Air returns to the laboratory

airflow diagram

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