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Latitude™ Series C Balance Enclosure

A Universal Solution for Powder Containment and Weighing

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Latitude Series C Balance Enclosure Latitude Series C Balance Enclosure Mystaire Filtration

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Latitude Series C Balance Enclosure
Latitude Series C Balance Enclosure
Mystaire Filters

The Latitude Series C Balance Enclosures provide biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with an important safety solution when handling potentially harmful chemicals in particulate and/or liquid forms. The Latitude Series C Balance enclosure was designed with rear wall a pre-filter and HEPA filtration for added safety and ease of maintenance. This design draws harmful particulate away from the operator's breathing zone in an even horizontal airflow path, increasing particulate and vapor capture. Standard on each Latitude Series C Balance Enclosure is a waste attachment port, two power cord access ports and a dark blue base for work surface contrast.

The Latitude Series C Balance Enclosure incorporates the Saf-T-Zone™ filtration system that isolates the pre-filter and main HEPA filter during filter change out. The Latitude Series C Balance Enclosure continues to operate and provide containment during main pre-filter and HEPA filter replacement.

Mystaire USP 800

Is your facility USP <800> Compliant?

Learn more about how the Latitude Balance Enclosure can aide in USP compliance.

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Eversafe™ Controller

Featuring the EverSafe Safety Controller

  • Airflow Monitoring

  • Automatic/Manual Setting

  • Airflow Alarm

  • Gas Detection/Filter Monitor

Voltage Options
110v or 220v
Multiple Widths Available
  • 48 inch
    (1219.2 mm)
  • 72 inch
    (1828.8 mm)
Equipment Add-Ons

Heavy Duty Stand

Mobile Cart

Base Cabinet

Pass-Through Ports

Polypropylene Sink

Fixtures and Faucets

Features of the Latitude Series C Balance Enclosure

  • Horizontal laminar airflow pattern
  • EverSafe automatic safety controller
  • Saf-T-Zone filtration system that allows for filter replacement while hood is running and providing maximum containment
  • Permanent safety HEPA filter
  • Dark Blue base for contrast in powder clean up
  • Waste port to attach waste bag for disposal of weighing vessels and gloves
  • Power cord pass through ports
  • Integral LED lighting
  • No ductwork required
  • Ships fully assembled; No installation required - plugs directly into a standard 110V or 220V electrical outlet
  • Thermally fused polypropylene construction- Eliminates RUST
  • Optional Activated Carbon Filtration

1. Air enters at "A" in an even horizontal laminar manner.

2. Contaminated air enters "B" where particulate is removed via electrostatic prefiltration and HEPA filtration.

3. Particulate-free air moves upward to "C" where it enters the Saf-T-Zone filtration area.

4. Particulate-free air then passes into "D", the optional carbon filtration bed, where dangerous chemical fumes and vapors are removed.

5. Clean air is then exhausted at "E" for return to the laboratory.

Latitude Series C Balance Enclosure airflow diagram
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