Room Air Purifier

Portable and Effective Solution for Air Quality Issues

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Room Air Purifier Mystaire Filtration
Room Air Purifier
Mystaire Filters

The Mystaire® Room Air Purifier is designed for high-efficiency ambient air cleaning. The room air purifier works on the principal of recirculating air through high-quality HEPA filtration and/or activated carbon filtration to effectively filter room air. A high-quality fan pulls contaminated room air into the filtration zone while allowing enough residence time to effectively capture or trap pollutants.

The Mystaire Room Air Purifier is constructed from epoxy-coated aluminum with a brushless and sparkless centrifugal fan to ensure a long useful life. The room air purifier is portable and easy to install within a variety of locations. Required for installation is simply 110V or 220V of electricity.

Voltage Options
110v or 220v

Features of the Room Air Purifier

  • Sparkless and brushless centrifugal fan for quiet operation
  • Epoxy coated aluminum construction
  • HEPA and/or Carbon Filtration
  • HEPA or carbon filter depending on application
  • Lightweight and portable

A. Air is drawn into the cone of the fume extractor

B. Contaminated air is filtered, relevant to environmental requirements

C. Contaminant-free air exits

airflow diagram
Download Specifications Sheet
Download Spec Sheet

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