EverSafe™ III TOUCH Microprocessor Controller

EverSafe III Microprocessor Safety Controller

EverSafe™ III TOUCH User Interface


EverSafe™ III TOUCH Administration Screens

EverSafe™ III TOUCH touch-screen controller provides superior user interaction.

EverSafe™ III TOUCH Advanced Microprocessor Controller

The EverSafe™ III TOUCH Control advanced microprocessor safety controller is designed to enable simple and precise user control of all hood or workstation functions. EverSafe™ III has 18 primary control Icons that allow the end user to view and/or modify the hood or workstation settings. The primary home screen features display of face velocity to show users they are working within OSHA requirements. Face velocity is vividly displayed in either linear feet per minute or meters per second. The lower portion of the EverSafe™ III TOUCH controller screen is designed to give the following information to the end user; current date, time and blower setting.

EverSafe™ III TOUCH control maintains fume hood or workstation face velocity by taking constant measurements at the opening and automatically adjusting airflow to ensure compliance to user preset values. The end user is allowed to determine desired face velocity through the “Blower Settings” icon. Mystaire® calibrates and ships each ductless hood and filtered workstation with a preset face velocity of 80 linear feet per minute or .4 meters per second.

Sophisticated electronic controls determine chemical breakthrough based on the type of solvents used within the hood or workstation. Visible and audible alarms alert the operator if airflow is at an unsafe level or if the installed filters are approaching saturation, allowing sufficient time to replace filters.

The EverSafe™ III TOUCH control microprocessor safety controller allows the end user to select the built-in solid state gas detection package sensitivity. The solid state gas sensor can be set at three distinct levels that correspond to established occupation levels. A sensitivity level set point should be selected by the end user that is appropriate with the TLV for the current chemical being manipulated. This provides the end user with an audible and visual alarm that indicates the primary installed filtration has reached saturation and allows the installed safety filtration to protect the end user during experimentation shutdown.

EverSafe™ III TOUCH control displays current installed filtration within the hood or workstation and provides a bar graph consumption monitor to show filter life. The “FILTERS” icon, when pressed, displays the following filtration type; Main, Safety and Pre-filter. Additionally, the end user can select and change the three types of filters independently of the others.

Energy monitoring is standard with EverSafe™ III TOUCH control and continues to become a focal point of every laboratory. Cost of operation is a focal point in every business’s operational budget. EverSafe™ III TOUCH control allows end user display of hood or workstation energy consumption through the “ENERGY USE” Icon. Displayed to the end user is a log of energy consumption, by the ductless hood or workstation, of the life time kilowatt hours and real time power/current/voltage.

EverSafe™ III TOUCH User Interface
Stop Blower

Manually start and stop blower. Operators can set blower to one of two modes: manual or automatic. Manual mode is simply a percent of blower capacity. Automatic mode maintains a desired face velocity that can be entered using the touch screen.

Turn Light On

Turns fluorescent light on or off within fume hood or workstation.


Provides the end user ability to set the lab timer in either stopwatch or countdown mode. Also allows the user to set length of time for the countdown mode.

Energy Use

This icon accesses the log of energy consumption by fume hood or workstation. Displaying life time kilowatt hours and real time power/current/voltage.

System Data

Access to fume hood or workstation serial number, software version and hour meters for system run time, blower run time, light burn time. This quick key provides an overview of all historical data (excluding energy use).


Allow easy access to installed filtration package, including gas phase, particulate and pre-filtration.


Provides details that assist the end user with contacting Mystaire® support for fume hood or workstation.


Allows the end user to access the hood administration functions, enabling them to modify or change current settings.

EverSafe™ III TOUCH Administration Screens
Change Filters

Allows the user to select and change specific expired installed filter within fume hood or workstation.


Allows the end user the ability to change or modify current time and date.

Temp and Humidity

Display of environmental conditions for the fume hood or workstation ductless fume hood.


Allows end user to set alarm points for airflow, temperature, humidity and filter saturation.

Units & Language

Allows the user to switch between supported languages and units of measure; imperial or metric.

Calibrate Airflow Sensor

Allow easy access to installed filtration package, including gas phase, particulate and pre-filtration.


Provides details that assist the end user with contacting Mystaire® support for fume hood or workstation.

Calibrate Screen

Allows the user to calibrate the LCD touch screen.


Allows end user or administrator to validate current class of chemicals used in fume hood or workstation with the installed filters. If the chemical class and installed filter(s) are not correct an alert is provided.

Blower Settings

Allows the end user to operate fume hood or workstation in either automatic or manual mode. Automatic mode allows the user to input an average face velocity value and then the microprocessor, through the airflow sensor, will maintain that user value. The manual mode allows the user to set the hood to a pre-determined volume of filtered air, as a percentage of blower capability. Also, the end user can view logged blower hours.