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The Mystaire Quick Ship Program provides laboratory managers the flexibility for redesigning the laboratory when necessary. The products offered in the Quick Ship program are Mystaire's and the market's most popular hoods, filtered workstations, and enclosures. This program offers peace of mind as well as planning flexibility for laboratory managers.

The Following Products are Available & Ready To Ship:

Sample image shown, actual product may vary. See description.

Model:  MY-PCR Workstation

Mystaire MY-PCR prep stations are compact laminar flow enclosures that reduce the risk of sample contamination while performing polymerase chain reaction experiments.

Standard Sizes Available:

  • MY-PCR24 (24” Model, 110v)
  • MY-PCR32 (32” Model, 110v)
  • MY-PCR32T (32” Tall Model, 110v)
  • MY-PCR48 (48” Model, 110v)
  • MY-PCR48T (48” Tall Model, 110v)
CleanPrep Dead Air Box
Sample image shown, actual product may vary. See description.

Model:  CleanPrep™ Dead Air Box

Mystaire CleanPrep™ dead air boxes are circulation-free enclosures that establish an ideal work area to protect against contamination in sensitive PCR amplification reactions.

Standard Sizes Available:

  • MY-DB24 (24” Model, 110v)
  • MY-DB36 (36” Model, 110v)
  • MY-DB48 (48” Model, 110v)
Basic Ductless Workstation
Sample image shown, actual product may vary. See description.

Model:  LabParner™ Ductless Workstation

The LabPartner is a compact, basic ductless solution for capturing fumes and particulate during routine laboratory analysis. This lightweight model is constructed from durable construction material that provides excellent durability in typical laboratory environments.

Standard Sizes Available:

  • MY-2400 (24” Model, 110v)
  • MY-3200 (32” Model, 110v & 220v)
  • MY-4800 (48” Model, 110v)
Sample image shown, actual product may vary. See description.

Model:  MY-ISO 5 Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation

The MY-ISO5 Series of Laminar Flow Cabinets provide an ISO 5 sterile environment for the handling of sensitive materials. The work area is continuously bathed with ISO 5 HEPA-filtered air to protect the product or application from airborne contamination.

Standard Sizes Available:

  • MY-VLF24 (24” Model, 110v)
  • MY-VLF32 (32” Model, 110v)
  • MY-VLF48 (48” Model, 110v & 220v)
Polypropylene CA Chamber
Sample image shown, actual product may vary. See description.

Model:  Polypropylene CA Chamber

The Mystaire® Filtered Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber is designed to safely and effectively process evidentiary items using the cyanoacrylate fuming method. It provides a controlled environment for the processing of latent fingerprints on most non-porous surfaces while eliminating personnel exposure to hazardous cyanoacrylate fumes.

Standard Sizes Available:

  • MY-CA30 (30” Benchtop, 110v)
Polypropylene CA Chamber
Sample image shown, actual product may vary. See description.

Model:  Room Air Purifier

The Mystaire® Room Air Purifier is designed for high-efficiency ambient air cleaning. The room air purifier works on the principal of recirculating air through high-quality HEPA filtration and/or activated carbon filtration to effectively filter room air. A high-quality fan pulls contaminated room air into the filtration zone while allowing enough residence time to effectively capture or trap pollutants.

Standard Sizes Available:

  • FE-1200 (110v Model)

Terms and Conditions Apply:

  1. When contacting Mystaire Sales and Customer Service Department, identify the available Quick Ship items and ask that they are entered as "Quick Ship eligible".
  2. Quick Ship items must be placed on a separate Purchase Order or can be processed with a Credit card. Clients in good standing will be provided standard NET 30 Day terms. Credit approval process could take up to 10 business days.
  3. Mystaire's objective is to ship Quick Ship items within 48 business hours for orders placed by 12:00PM Eastern Standard Time, excluding weekends and holidays, or the freight is free. Standard lead time items should not be placed on the same order.
  4. The Quick Ship Program and all orders through the Quick Ship Program are subject to the Mystaire sales terms and conditions. The Quick Ship Program does not alter any pricing, warranties or other applicable terms to any order and does not alter or invalidate any pre-existing written contractual agreements with Mystaire applicable to any order. Availability of Quick Ship products and the terms, conditions and guidelines of the Quick Ship Program are subject to change without notice.
  5. All prices are in US Dollars. All products are shipped FOB Origin with freight prepaid and added to the invoice.
  6. Products are shipped in accordance with common carrier rules and guidelines. Customers are welcome to arrange freight from point of origin, Mystaire's warehouse.
  7. Products deemed to provide operator protection that require carbon filtration must be validated for intended use prior to shipment through Mystaire's Application Worksheet.